"A sublime experience all round."

Rolling with uncertainty

We can, sadly, tell you that on form as you know it will not be happening in 2020.

The process of installing sculpture in the garden is a lengthy, fine-tuned process, and there are too many unknowns. The magic of on form has always been the combination of the sculpture and the garden. This year, we are offering them to you separately.

Sculpture will be shown online on our beautiful new website, launching very shortly. Even now, on this version, you can see videos of sculptors in their studios, and do watch our 2018 fly-through (below) if you are feeling anxious or sad. And please keep checking as we hope you are going to love some of the additional content we will be able to show on the new website.

The garden will almost certainly open if and when that becomes possible, under whatever rules on social distancing apply at the time.

Sign up to our mailing list if you would like to receive news from us. That way, you will know when our new website goes live, when sculpture becomes available for sale, when the garden will be opening and also whether we are able to offer any of the exciting events we were planning in 2020-appropriate formats. Virtual birdsong walks, anyone?

All over the world, creative minds are busily thinking of ways to replace the pleasures we are having to forsake with the more restricted versions which are going to be possible for some time to come. In our immediate circle, Kieran Stiles (http://www.kieranstiles.com/) who has taught brilliant painting workshops in the Ballroom and in the garden for some years, is offering one to one online tutoring. This might be just the time to learn to paint! And James Sills, who was going to have led a choir around the garden on 19 June, has been attracting hundreds of online singers to his sessions on https://www.thesofasingers.net/

Do feel free to get in touch with us by emailing info@onformsculpture.co.uk

on form 2020 artists:

Steven Atkinson | Marcia Bennett-Male | Aly Brown | Luke Dickinson | Emma Elliott | Kim Francis | Mel Fraser | Mark Frith | Marcus Harris | Rosie Jones | Jantien Kahn | Benji Lowsley-Williams | Emma Maiden | Alyosha Moeran | Nicolas Moreton | Jason Mulligan | Vanessa Paschakarnis | Sibylle Pasche | William Peers | Richard Perry | Jordi Raga Frances | Peter Randall-Page | Ben Russell | Will Spankie | Guy Stevens | Tom Stogdon | Mark Stonestreet | Anne Cecile Surga | Almuth Tebbenhof | Anthony Turner | Paul Vanstone | Lucy Unwin | Tom Waugh | Dominic Welch | Alex Wenham | Ko Yamazaki

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