"A sublime experience all round."

Our brand new website will be here very soon.........with lots more information on our 2020 artists, our life-enhancing events and workshops, and the Potting Shed cafe. Please bear with us. Meanwhile, here's what you need to know:

on form 20 will run from Sunday 14 June to Sunday 12 July. You can buy season tickets here, or tickets for a particular day here.

We are pleased to announce the on form 2020 artists:

Steven Atkinson | Marcia Bennett-Male | Aly Brown | Luke Dickinson | Emma Elliott | Kim Francis | Mel Fraser | Mark Frith | Marcus Harris | Rosie Jones | Jantien Kahn | Benji Lowsley-Williams | Emma Maiden | Alyosha Moeran | Nicolas Moreton | Jason Mulligan | Vanessa Paschakarnis | Sibylle Pasche | William Peers | Richard Perry | Jordi Raga Frances | Peter Randall-Page | Ben Russell | Will Spankie | Guy Stevens | Tom Stogdon | Mark Stonestreet | Anne Cecile Surga | Almuth Tebbenhof | Anthony Turner | Paul Vanstone | Lucy Unwin | Tom Waugh | Dominic Welch | Alex Wenham | Ko Yamazaki

on form is the only exhibition in the UK dedicated exclusively to stone sculpture. We take pride in the sensitivity of its placement in our glorious Windrush Valley setting, and our unique "Please DO touch" policy. In 2018, we sold over 250 sculptures and welcomed over 10,000 people. We are thankful to everybody who came and all who were involved in the collaborative creativity that is on form.

If you are interested in any of our unsold work, email us or telephone 01993 824319. See our price list and catalogue below.

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contact us 01993 824319


Birdsong Walks are back for 2020!

Jun 17, 18:00

Peter Cowdrey, who led walks around the Asthall grounds in 2018 and during our birdsong weekend last year, will be back with more insight into the secret meanings and musicality of birdsong. Choose from three evening walks or, for early risers, a dawn chorus walk on 5 July!

Sing Amongst the Stones!

Jun 19, 11:30

Vocal leader James Sills will teach a number of contrasting songs of both traditional and contemporary music, culminating in an informal performance in various spots around the garden. The emphasis is on fun and inclusivity, whilst achieving the highest possible musical standard!

Meet James on the front lawn at 11 or 2.30

Prices and booking details to follow

Looking, touching, dreaming…..a creative writing workshop inspired by stone and sculpture.

Jun 24, 10:00

This workshop is led by garden poet Rebecca Hubbard, an experienced creative writing tutor and a published poet, with a passion for words, nature and art. Find out more about Rebecca's writing and teaching here.

Writers will touch, observe and imagine, using a day at on form to generate ideas, poems and stories inspired by stone, sculptural forms and the way these relate to the land.

There will be plenty of time to explore the garden and the exhibition, and a quiet indoor space will be provided for the workshop. £60 includes workshop, entry to the exhibition for the day, refreshments and a catalogue. Eat lunch at the Potting Shed cafe, or bring a packed lunch if you prefer.

Places are limited. email rebeccahubbard19@gmail.com to secure your place

Satish Kumar - Love Revolution

Jun 24, 18:30

Satish Kumar is a former monk and lifelong peace and environmental activist, who has been quietly setting the global agenda for change for over 50 years. Founder of Resurgence and the author of many books, most recently Elegant Simplicity, Satish has been a friend and muse of on form for many years. In the inspirational setting of St Nicholas Church, Satish will be applauding "the gentle heroes of our time" and calling for a Love Revolution to bring about the transformation that is needed in the world today.

Booking details to follow

Exploring structure in the garden landscape with Sarah Spackman RBA

Jul 10, 10:00

This one day workshop will look at finding the structure within the picture that you have chosen to paint. We will look at the different images found in the garden and sculptural landscape, and see how we can simplify the different areas of our painting to maintain the colour relationships between the light and shadow. Using oil paint and a limited palette, we will practise mixing colours to help define the structure within the painting.

You will need to bring a portable easel, stool, a sketchbook, charcoal, a large palette, palette knife for mixing colours, several oil painting brushes of various sizes, and a couple of ready primed boards for oil painting-preferably primed with white. You will also need solvent for cleaning brushes and plenty of rags.

Please bring the following oil paint colours: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium yellow, Cadmium red, Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean blue, Ultramarine blue

Booking details coming soon